Friday, June 20, 2014

Clean Bandit + Jess Glynne = New Eyes

The happiest band of the year release their debut album, New Eyes, a perfect blend of classical and house music, after couple of years of struggle in the music industry. Nobody took them seriously. And why would they? It seems to me that the more pathetic you get today, more executives will think you are a serious selling material. Whatever happened to going to live shows, listening to bands playing live, whatever happened to that serious state of exuberance caused by good music? I don't know, but we somehow got stuck on Adele on YouTube and made it a trend.

Rather Be, the single that made Clean Bandit a place in the music business, is a happy happy tune, yet simple and profound, beautiful lyrics, but what makes the day are the amazing vocals by Jess Glynne, who is the one to watch in the nearest future. Her silvery, yet slightly husky voice is a perfect universal tone appealing to everybody.

The first single from the album, Mozart’s House, dates from 2010, and is the one that made them less credible in the eyes of music producers. It's perky and twisted in the same time, and definitely lots of fun. And it's definitely the group's credo. ''so you think house music is boring, you think it's stupid, you think it's repetitive,... now we made it to Mozart's House''. Extraordinary, sharing it’s sensibility with Rather Be, a soothing tune that probably gained it’s popularity thanks to the amazing video, introduces us to another amazing voice on the album, Sharna Bass.


Everything you can hear on this album is screaming fun and freedom, it’s a crossover album of a band that don’t take themselves seriously, and therefore, that makes them honest, real musicians, spontaneous, and edgier than anybody else on the scene right now. 

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